Green Burial

Burial vaults and embalming are not allowed and burial containers must be biodegradable. Some examples are bamboo, wool, pine, or a heavy natural fiber shroud. Burials are simplistic and marked by a rock that can be engraved or painted with the individual's name.

Natural green burial allows the family to mourn and take part in the grieving process in a way that modern burial usually does not. It is an humbling, quiet "saying of good-bye" surrounded by nature in the serenity of the woods, returning a body to the soil from which it came.

The mourners form a procession on foot to the grave site, where the simple casket is lowered by hand and rope. Family and friends gather around to toss flowers in remembrance and to even help fill the grave by shovel if they chose. Their grief can be expressed and shared openly as they comfort each other.

Natural burial honors the body with a permanent resting place, ensures that the woods will remain a natural habitat, and is more affordable. It lessens an individual's carbon footprint on the earth and actually gives back to nature.

Prices start at $3,200 and have a $250 savings if purchased before a death occurs.